RE: Unicode 3.0 press statements

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 16:52:24 EST

What about the languages in ISO 639? That would be nice if someone
maintains a table of the scripts used to write those.


On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, wrote:

> > a) catch people's attention
> "Unicode can be used to write the top 100 languages in the world, as defined
> by 'The Ethnologue' (!"
> > b) be true!
> It has already been evidenced how such a statement would be quite nonsense
> to many linguists. Most of us probably speak 2 or more of these languages,
> so how many times have we been counted!?
> Moreover, I would be more confident about the truth of this if I just knew
> what scripts are used by the 21 languages in my "Unknown" category. If
> someone could help categorizing them, I could at least do the sums, to
> discover who wins betwen Latin and CJK.
> Ciao.
> _Marco

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