RE: Language Tagging And Unicode

From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 16:35:11 EST

When I said, "UniScribe support", meant "support within UniScribe" for
glyphs chosen by language, rather than simply existence of UniScribe.
UniScribe, in its initial release handles script-implied glyph choices.
Language-specific glyph choice support is not in the initial release of
UniScribe, and as UniScribe is developed by the Windows team, I don't have
direct influence over its development (but I do talk to them a couple of
times a year). It is on the long-range plan but will likely have to wait for
a few other things first like supporting new languages and scripts (see my
other message)

As for font support, that will be blocked until we have the app and
UniScribe support, so I expect that to take longer.

Thanks for understanding our situation - we do get hundreds of requests, and
they are slotted in on the existing list of items. Most people seem unaware
that we do have these lists of items we'd like to do but don't have time for
yet - they seem to think we intentionally don't do them or something. It
takes awhile but we grind down the list over time.

Chris Pratley
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Word

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> Once the necessary infrastructure (fonts, UniScribe support) is
> available in
> at least a prototype testable form, and if I am still running things :),
> you'll probably see Word start displaying language-appropriate glyphs from
> fonts if they exist.

If the Microsoft documentation is correct, UniScribe is part in Windows
2000, which existed for quite a while "in prototype testable form" and
recently was officially released.

So since you still run things -- it's time for the start: ;)

So if I understand it correctly, you have operative UniScribe? If something
in interfaces/ implementation is not polished, now it's the right time to
make fine tuning.

Then you only need some OpenType font with language specific glyphs, and
some people here already made some! I guess somebody would be more than
happy to give them for your testing!

I don't expect miracles but I think you can at least add all this we know
now to some "to do" list? And keep on good work, I can imagine what it means
making so widely used software -- you must have been always flooded by
request from all around. :)

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