Re: Unicode 3.0 press statements

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 22:37:49 EST

>An interesting thought; is at least one official written
       language of every country covered by Unicode? This doesn't mean
       that all symbols (we've seen the Rial) are covered.

       An interesting question, indeed, particularly if we make life
       difficult by asking whose definition of national borders is
       being considered. I suspect there's at least one place in the
       world where a people group claims that they have independent
       statehood in a geographic region that is being claimed by a
       larger state, and for whom the likely candidate for official
       language would not be entirely covered by Unicode. But then,
       this is probably also aiming at a level beyond the interest or
       awareness of the target audience of the press release.

       Using definitions of national borders that are likely to be
       recognised by the average reader of the (English language)
       press release, I don't know of any case off hand where a
       country wouldn't have at least one official language covered. I
       had a recollection of something missing for Turkmen, but I
       think that was for an old version of their alphabet. Also, the
       standards body for Nepal has asked WG2 for additions for
       Nepali, but I suspect this language is in fact adequately
       covered by the Devanagari block.


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