From: Magda Danish (Unicode) (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 19:12:19 EST

Dear Unicoders,

I have recieved the "Check this" virus from 2 different sources today (One
of them was Massimo Fuchs on the Unicode list). Here's what the virus does
and how to get rid of this virus here it:

"An email virus has penetrated our mail server and started forwarding a
message entitled "check this" to everyone on everyone's contact list! We
caught it after it sent some emails. If you received an email with "check
this" in the subject line, the virus could be sitting in your computer.

Here are the exact instructions on how to get rid of this virus:

1. Go to the start menu and choose Find - Files and Folders
2. Type "rundll.vbs" in the named box. Make sure 'look in' field is set
to all local drives. Or C drive. Click the Find Now button
3. If the file 'rundll.vbs' comes up with the date 11/24/00. DELETE IT
by selecting it and hitting the DELETE key.
4. Once deleted, go back to the 'named box' field and search for
'LINKS.VBS'. Hit the Find Now button. Delete this too.
5. Restart your computer

Sorry for the inconvenience

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