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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 15:03:54 EST

Frank Tang mentioned a few languages...

> Javanese- Java, Indonesia, 75 million speakers [page 234]

The Javanese LANGUAGE is actually covered just fine in modern Latin script,
but the Brahmic-derived traditional script is not encoded. That is planned
for the future; it is not in much current use.

> Batak- Sumatra, Indonesia, 2 million speakers. [page 238-239]
> Buginese- Celebes, Indonesia, 2.5 million speakers [page 237]

These current languages have traditional writing systems that are planned to
be covered in Unicode 4.0, and solid encoding proposals exist for them. I'm
not clear on the actual extent of current use these scripts enjoy. But at
last report, they had SOME current use. I have never found anyone who could
actually confirm current use for EITHER of these scripts. (But then, I
haven't been to Sumatra or Celebes.)

> Nakhi- Yunnan, China, 230 thousand people [page 217]
> Sibo- northwestern China, 40 thousand people [page 216]

I don't know about Nakhi or Sibo.


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