Re: AppleWorks and ATSUI

From: Franko (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 01:40:21 EST

Yung-Fong Tang skribis:

>Well, which application currently use MLTE ?
>I just want to find a sample application to compare against it when I
>have time to add this support into mozilla.

That's exactly what I have been trying to find out. What I have found is
that program developers seem to avoid using ATSUI and MLTE, for various
reasons. E.g.:

Jean Michel of CTM Dev.: "if we had rushed off and used ATSUI, Jud
Spencer would have been the first to say that the PowerMail folks, once
again, were too enamored with Apple System Software technologies ;-("

Jud Spencer: "We would love to use ATSUI in OE. Our customers
don't want us requiring 8.5, in fact they want us to go back further than
8.1. We have to draw the line somewhere. We asked Apple to take ATSUI back
to 8.1, but they wouldn't. I understand why. To Apple requiring people to
upgrade the OS to get functionality is a choice that they are increasingly
making, for something like ATSUI that is too bad. It means that develoers
have to make a choice between requiring 8.5 or writing all of the code
themselves. When the developer chooses to write the code themselves there is
no sense in also supporting ATSUI. Vicious circle!"

Vicious indeed! What I cannot understand is why Apple has no application
making use of their own technology. I mean application, not a system
extension. At least something like SimpleText or TeachText.

Franko Luin


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