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From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 02:13:40 EST

Franko wrote:

> Yung-Fong Tang skribis:
> >Well, which application currently use MLTE ?
> >I just want to find a sample application to compare against it when I
> >have time to add this support into mozilla.
> That's exactly what I have been trying to find out. What I have found is
> that program developers seem to avoid using ATSUI and MLTE, for various
> reasons. E.g.:
> Jean Michel of CTM Dev.: "if we had rushed off and used ATSUI, Jud
> Spencer would have been the first to say that the PowerMail folks, once
> again, were too enamored with Apple System Software technologies ;-("
> Jud Spencer: "We would love to use ATSUI in OE. Our customers
> don't want us requiring 8.5, in fact they want us to go back further than
> 8.1. We have to draw the line somewhere. We asked Apple to take ATSUI back
> to 8.1, but they wouldn't. I understand why. To Apple requiring people to
> upgrade the OS to get functionality is a choice that they are increasingly
> making, for something like ATSUI that is too bad. It means that develoers
> have to make a choice between requiring 8.5 or writing all of the code
> themselves. When the developer chooses to write the code themselves there is
> no sense in also supporting ATSUI. Vicious circle!"

There are other quality issue with ATSUI. (with size < 12 as in my earily mail).
It is true Apple do not have a good migration story about ATSUI. They don't even
have a good migration story for TSM 1.0 application to TSM 1.5 application. I
mean they said what need to be done, without giving enough sampel for the code
migration or co-exist (support binary which can run both on TSM 1.0 and 1.5)

> Vicious indeed! What I cannot understand is why Apple has no application
> making use of their own technology. I mean application, not a system
> extension. At least something like SimpleText or TeachText.

That is really my question- which Apple application use ATSUI, TSM 1.5 or MLTE.

> Franko Luin
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