Re: Afghan Currency Sign ( Where to Add new Currency Sign)

From: N.R.Liwal (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 03:33:06 EST

Dear Kenneth Whistler;

Also there is a Sign for Pakistani Ruppee and it will be provided
to me by the "National Language Authority" of Pakistan, and I
will post it to the list.

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From: Kenneth Whistler <>
> Liwal,
> Thanks for doing this research.
> > I submite it to be included in UNICODE and it be called:
> > AFGHANI SIGN (Afghanistan Currency Sign)
> However, you should be aware that sending a character bitmap and
> short explanation to the open unicode email list is only the first
> step.
> Next, you need to get some consensus on the list that this is indeed
> appropriate to encode as a character. I would invite the Arabic
> script experts to take a look at the bitmap that Liwal has included,
> to determine whether it makes sense to treat this as an encoded unit,
> or simply as a sequence of letters used for representation of the
> Afghani currency.
> If any consensus emerges, the next step is to go submit a formal,
> written proposal to UTC. See
> for details. There is a problem at the moment on that page for accessing
> the WG2 summary proposal form (the webmaster is working on that), but
> the proposals page summarizes the kinds of information needed for
> submission of a formal proposal.
> --Ken Whistler, Technical Director

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