Re: Afghan Currency Sign ( Where to Add new Currency Sign)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 15:27:15 EST


Thanks for doing this research.

> I submite it to be included in UNICODE and it be called:
> AFGHANI SIGN (Afghanistan Currency Sign)

However, you should be aware that sending a character bitmap and
short explanation to the open unicode email list is only the first

Next, you need to get some consensus on the list that this is indeed
appropriate to encode as a character. I would invite the Arabic
script experts to take a look at the bitmap that Liwal has included,
to determine whether it makes sense to treat this as an encoded unit,
or simply as a sequence of letters used for representation of the
Afghani currency.

If any consensus emerges, the next step is to go submit a formal,
written proposal to UTC. See
for details. There is a problem at the moment on that page for accessing
the WG2 summary proposal form (the webmaster is working on that), but
the proposals page summarizes the kinds of information needed for
submission of a formal proposal.

--Ken Whistler, Technical Director

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