Re: Japanese Windows Code Page?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 10:48:52 EST


>Word 97 was the first version of Word to be based on Unicode.
       Chris Pratley has written an extensive history on this to the
       Unicode List, which I can send to you if you're interested in
       the details...

       If you can put your finger on this easily, why don't you
       resubmit it to the list. It sounds like there are some who
       missed it the first time and would be interested.

>The Unicode WordPad/RichEdit/Uniscribe/msls31.dll combination
       on Windows 2000 ...

       What's msls31.dll?

>...runs fine on Win9x as well, but it doesn't currently ship
       with them (a version almost as powerful will ship with the next
       version of Win9x).

       But can't a user get some or all of these items on a current
       Win9x system as options with IE5 (e.g. by adding support for
       displaying Arabic)?

>An earlier Unicode version (the Office 97 version) of RichEdit
       ships with WordPad on Win98, giving that WordPad
       Western/EastAsian Unicode support, but no BiDi, except on
       BiDi-enabled Win98.

       Again, would bidi support be enabled in WordPad in US Win9x by
       installing Arabic support for IE 5? (This works to get bidi
       support in US Office 2000 on US Win98.)


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