Japanese Windows Code Page?

From: Frank da Cruz (fdc@watsun.cc.columbia.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 17:08:15 EST

In Windows we have a dichotomy between OEM (DOS) code pages (like CP850)
and Windows Code Pages (like CP1252). They mostly come in pairs:

  CP866 and CP1251
  CP852 and CP1250

etc. What about Japanese? CP982 is "Shift JIS". Is there a
corresponding Windows Code Page for Shift JIS? No, right?

Also, I have heard it said that certain Microsoft applications support
Unicode to some degree. Looking at just Word, WordPad, and NotePad, I
can see that each of them supports Windows Code pages (e.g. 1252). If
they also support Unicode (and I presume this would be in UCS-2 or
UTF-16 form and not UTF-8), how is this done? Is it possible only in
Windows NT/2000 and not in 95/98/ME? Or, for Word, does it go by Word
version, rather than OS? For example, I don't see anything about
Unicode in Word 97. And yet it seems I can paste Unicode text from
a Browser Window into Word 97 and much of it remains legible (Latin-1,
Latin-2, Cyrillic, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Vietnamese). But if I paste
the same text into WordPad, all the non-ASCII characters are shown as
(random) CP1252 glyphs.


- Frank

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