Re: Japanese Windows Code Page?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 10:34:47 EST

Chris Pratley wrote:

> NotePad on NT3.x and NT4 is a Unicode (UCS-2 internal) application and it
> can open and save plain text in the current system locale's codepage, or
> UCS-2 little-endian. I believe that version of Notepad relied on the BOM to
> detect Unicode text files.

This turns out not to be quite true: as we saw a few months ago on this
mailing list, certain files can deceive Notepad/NT4 into thinking they are
in UCS-2, even sans BOM; and merely inserting 0xff 0xfe (˙ţ) at the
head of an ANSI file will not by itself force UCS-2 interpretation.

> OEM (also knows as "DOS") codepages are rarely used anymore. They may (or
> may not - you'd have to get an NT person to confirm) be used in console mode
> on NT, but are essentially limited to legacy operations.

They are. The console window on my vanilla U.S. Windows NT 4.0
reports the code page as 437 when I type "CHCP", and this is consistent
with what the TYPE command shows.

I don't know how to make Windows NT cough up its current ANSI code page
setting, though.


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