Re: 8859-1, 8859-15, 1252 and Euro

From: Alain LaBonté  (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 12:06:41 EST

À 08:25 2000-02-10 -0800, Erik van der Poel a écrit:
>Oh, I understood that a long time ago. But times have changed. People no
>longer adhere to the old C1 rules.

EBCDIC does. It is still a lot of computers...

>I think windows-1252 has a better chance of short-term success in the
>important protocols (i.e. Internet, not mainframe) than UTF-8.

If you think so, then we were doubly right in standardizing ISO/IEC
8859-15, it will then be a must.


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