The Unicode 3.0 book

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 13:59:40 EST

Sarasvati wrote on 2000-02-11 18:21 UTC:
> Our own very wise Tex Texin said:
> > Whenever we have this much mail we start to see lots of
> > unsubscribes.
> statistics gathered over the last three halves of a day refute his
> above-mentioned assertion

If there has been a subscription peak to this list very recently, then
no doubt that is because the web site claimed that the
"Unicode Standard, Version 3.0" will be published by Addison Wesley
exactly today, 2000-02-11, which should give raise to many highly
interesting on-topic discussions. After all, Ken Whistler has basically
forbidden here any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement
a few months ago until after 3.0 is published (presumably today?), which
is no doubt why many people - like myself - unsubscribed to escape the
remaining nugatios piffle and just came back today to see the show going
on (just to see that the topic is still "the metric system and the US"
and probably not much of substance was missed :-).

I have a long list of questions that should start highly interesting
on-topic questions, but I'll hold them back until I get my own copy of
Unicode 3.0 (ISBN 0-201-61633-5), which according to my local bookshop
here in Cambridge will arrive in around 2 weeks.


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