From: Christopher John Fynn (cfynn@dircon.co.uk)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 06:35:29 EST

How is it recommended to code Latin script digraphs that are used to
represent a single letter?

For example in Roman translitteration of Indic languages the digraph "kh" or
"Kh" occurs with
a combining low line below (centred between the k and the h).


Should this be entered as
<k> <zero width joiner> <h> <combining low line>?

If this is so, what about unaccented pairs like "kh", "gh", "ch", "jh", etc.
which in transliteration of Indic languages similarly represent single

As far as simple rendering there is no need to link these pairs (other than
to prevent line wrap or hyphenation) - but for processing of transliterated
material they often should be treated as single entities.

Is ZWJ appropriate or this another case for Michael's ZWL (even though they
are not properly speaking ligatures)?

- Chris

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