Re: UTF-16 and HTML META charset

From: Piotr Trzcionkowski (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 12:58:04 EST

From: "Erik van der Poel" <>

> > Internet package from your organization Netscape even ignore meta
> > declaration in body.
> The browser is supposed to ignore META charset when HTTP charset is
> present.

It's fact I didn't experience problems with your webbrowser. It was last opinion from newsgroups, maybe created because some server provide encoding declaration. But I have problems with using any version of Netscape Messaging. It ignore encoding declaration from header of mime messages.

> > And I'm not sure that some "intelligent" admin won't use it for
> > blocking on proxy cache :-))) as done on polish Usenet with utf-8.
> Interesting. Do you have any evidence that some people block HTTP
> traffic based on their charset?

No. I have example for canceling any utf-8 messages in whole polish part of usenet. I know who is responsible for this but I can't stop his because other admins tolerate or even support his. I don't believe he forget "configure" own proxy.

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