Re: (was: How to use UTF-16 in HTML pages)

From: Piotr Trzcionkowski (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 13:23:33 EST

From: "Otto Stolz" <>

> I have made the mistake to publicly comment on Piotr's WWW page
> when I should have done so privately. I apologize, and suggest
> this should be continued privately, if at all.

I though we was talking about problems with decoding utf-16 :-)

> This is the HTML source line I was referring to:
> <strong><hr><a href="">
> <font color="#0000FF"><em><big>AlphaNet</big></em></font>
> Note the Font tag in the second line quoted (I have laid out the original
> line in four, for better readability).

It is true but I didn't write about that page. I wrote "... on my pages". It is my bad luck that on a first page exists a provider footer with this tag but still it doesn't imply that that page is in html 4.0 :-)

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