Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 06:08:46 EST

James E. Agenbroad wrote:
>Using the PUA for glyphs sems contrary to the our basic premises,

Wait. What premises? Who is "we"?

>but can we prevent consenting users from doing so?

No. It would be against most countries' laws to break the door-locks of
private houses (or offices) to delete or change some programs from the
personal (or corporate) computers :-)

Using the PUA for encoding glyphs (e.g. Indic ligatures, Mongolian
contextual forms, mirrored bidi glyphs, etc.) is the most innocent use I can
think of it.

Imagine a display engine designed to use a simple bitmapped font:

        for each line L that is to be displayed
        { create TmpL
                copy L in TmpL
                for each character position I in TmpL
                { if IsInitial(TmpL, I)
                        { TmpL[I] = PuaGlyph(TmpL[I]) + 0
                        else if IsMedial(TmpL, I)
                        { TmpL[I] = PuaGlyph(TmpL[I]) + 1
                        else if IsFinal(TmpL, I)
                        { TmpL[I] = PuaGlyph(TmpL[I]) + 2
                        else if IsIsolated(TmpL, I)
                        { TmpL[I] = PuaGlyph(TmpL[I]) + 3
                Display TmpL
                drop TmpL

This is just one of the possible uses of PUA, and one that does not cause
PUA code points to be stored or transmitted. What's wrong with it?

Ciao. Marco

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