From: James E. Agenbroad (jage@loc.gov)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 13:57:54 EST

                                               Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Weekend reflections on last week's topic. I certainly agree that neither
ISO nor the Unicode Consortium should standardize assignment or codes or
ranges in the private use area for all users. At the same time agreement
between two (or more) consenting users on private use area assignments
would seem essential for effective communication between (among) them.
Using the PUA for glyphs sems contrary to the our basic premises, but can
we prevent consenting users from doing so? It seems contradictory to say.
"Use these codes any way you wish" but "Don't use them for X". We could
specify some likely undesirable outcomes of proposed PUA usages and hope
they will heed the warning.

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