From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 08:24:08 EST

>What if UNICODE devote a Web Site for PUA, that user will
>a BMP of the Code point they used (if it is of General
>the next user will not use the point and will use the next,
>this should be on volunteer basis and the user must be free to
>it or not.

       Addendum to what I just sent off:

       The PUA is for *private* use, meaning that a particular use of
       it can be made by a (relatively) small set of users that have
       common purposes. Rather than communicating to the entire world
       how a PUA codepoint is used, it's only necessary for a set of
       users that have common purposes to communicate that information
       to one another. If an organisation of people interested in, for
       example, Sign Writing want to work on some ideas of encoding
       that writing system as text, they could agree on some PUA
       assignments, and then it would make sense to publish those on a
       web site of interest to users of Sign Writing, with clear
       communication of what the status of these characters is.

       If an application developer is going to make use of the PUA
       such that their code assumes particular semantics for PUA
       characters , then it would be *very* helpful for users if it
       was clearly communicated to them what use of the PUA is being
       assumed. I hope this doesn't happen often - not at all would be
       better, and I think it would be a good idea if such uses of the
       PUA began at the top end and worked down.

       Again, it would be very good if there were an interoperable way
       for end users to provide information about semantics of their
       custom PUA characters in a way that applications can make use
       of it.


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