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Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 09:56:00 EST

Perhaps someone can help him. He wrote to me privately, so is probably not
on the Unicode list. Write to: "Mashari, B.S." <>

>I'm doing an academic research and a graduation project this semester, and
>faced with many barriers that forced me to leave a work of more than 7
>months and start from scratch again for a new and yet challenging topic.
>It is on arabization on the Internet using Java applets and Unicode. I've
>collected some papers -not many, I want to know from where can I get
>relevant papers- and want to find an efficient design for a data
>structure to store the attributes -I have to find the required ones- for
>glyphs or shapes of all of the chosen Arabic symbols and a fast and an
>efficient algorithm to manipulate
>it. But I didn't start coding yet -although my supervisor is expecting me
>to finish the assignment by next week, but I think that I need more time
>to understand the problem first. And find out what is in the literature.
>More specifically, I need some information on existing algorithms for
>manipulating Arabic text as bitmap images stored and accessed to display
>Arabic words on the web (e.g.. by using Java applets) and any available
>source code. Also, I need any related information about the various
>techniques used in handling non-Roman languages on the Web and efforts to
>publish Arabic contents for non-Arabic based host machine.
>A special request is if you can teach me or tell me how to know the
>algorithm to render Quran text since it has special characters and the
>rules. Where I can find a Quran in Ottmani font?
>Especially rendering Arabic text and handling complex text on the web and
>the use of
>Java. Also, bitmap fonts since I'm asked to start with a bitmap file (.gif)
>and arrange all of the Arabic glyphs on it and design a suitable data
>structure to hold the required attributes. the user can enter Arabic text
>and I have to display it on the applet using my font and I found it
>difficult to decide what to do regarding the vowels, where to place them and
>how to handle them. Is there any common algorithm for that. I really found
>it difficult and very time consuming job if I'm registered to 3 other
>courses and I have to work from scratch, I'm afraid the time will finish and
>I wont finish a reasonable work. I tried a lot surfing the internet but
>didn't find what I'm seeking for. I don't want to start implementation on
>something I don't know how to handle in an efficient way.
>I hope that you can provide me with something regarding that and the papers
>for Thomas Milo of DecoType who discusses Arabic issues on the conferences.
>I want B8 to B12 of IUC 11. Please I need your help and suggestions.
>Even if you know his home page, may be he puts them there.
>Awaiting for your prompt reply, I'll remain.
> Again, it is for an academic research as I'm a student.
>Please send to all of the following addresses:
> in case I can't get access to one.
>I do thank you in advance for your cooperation.
> PO Box 40585
> Riyadh 11511
> Saudi Arabia.
> Mobile: 055-260-414
> FAX: + 966-1-472-2346
> Email:

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