Re: ISO/IEC 10646-1: 2000 submitted to ISO for publication

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 10:13:59 EST

From: Hart, Edwin F. <>

> As of today, March 3, ISO obtained approval for the last
amendment (number
> 31, Tibetan Extension) to be incorporated into the second
edition of ISO/IEC
> 10646-1. The final (English) text has been submitted for
publication as
> ISO/IEC 10646-1: 2000.
> I understand that ISO will be publishing the second
edition on CD-ROM. I
> also understand that the second edition in French is
almost ready for
> publication.

This is true. There are only a few minor problems left with
the non ideographic glyph tables (typo in the running
headers, and a few typos in the character names). These
errors should be fixed this week or early next week.

We are also trying to get the French text on the same CD as
the English text for the same price, but this is an ITTF
decision. We hope our arguments will also convince them to
lower the price usually based on the pages of a standard to
a more competitive one given the availibility of the
Unicode 3.0 standard at 50 US $.

Patrick Andries
Dorval (Québec)

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