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Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 06:28:39 EST

  I have some more quetions:

Q. As i am working to provide Internationalization support to an already developed software having millions of lines
of code and developed using Oracle 8 at the backend, the idea is to make minimal changes to the database as it would effect a large
number of Screens, reports, procedures etc.. Is it really possible to support multibyte character sets such Korean/Japanese/Chinese
etc without changing the width specification of the columns..if yes then how?

Q It has been written in the chapter 4 : National Language Support of Oracle8 Reference, that the width is measured in "Number of Characters" while using a "Fixed Byte character set" whereas it is "Bytes" while using Multibyte character sets.......English
is the character setfor one of the clients(Single Byte Character Set), Korean (a 2 byte fixed byte character set) for one of the
clients while the other client has a Chinese character set - a 3 byte variable byte character set, also I use UTF8 as the character
set for the server...How many characters can i actually store in a column os a database table declared as

             col_x varchar2(10)

for English,Korean and Chinese client respectively?

Q In, it is written (table 3.6) that the "char" datatype does not support " multi-byte fixed width" character set encoding---- Does this mean that i can not use "char" datatype while supporting client on Korean
(say KO16DBCSFIXED character set) and database server in the UTF8 character set..? please clarify.

Q What exactly is meant by and what is the use of NCHAR/NVARCHAR2 datatypes etc. how and when can we use them?

Thanks again

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