RE: Internationalization Hiccups

Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 06:32:25 EST

Samir Mehrotra wrote:
> 1. [...]
> 2. [...]

I leave these to Oracle oracles.

> 3. Do Japanese, Koreans, Chinese actually uses
> 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 digits or they have some different numbers/digits?

Chinese uses the following decimal digits (I assume that the situation is
not very different for Japanese and Korean):

1) "Narrow" Western digits (U+0030 .. U+0039) of ASCII fame. Decimal
separator is U+002E.

2) "Wide" Western digits (U+FF10 .. U+FF19): they are identical to
"narrow" digits but having the same width as CJK characters, in order to fit
better in CJK text. Decimal separator normally U+FF0E.

3) Chinese digits (U+96F6, U+4E00, U+4E8C, U+4E09, U+56DB, U+4E94,
U+516D, U+4E03, U+516B, U+4E5D): these are ideographs for numbers zero ..
nine, used as if they were decimal digits. Zero is also often expressed by
symbol U+3007, a circle. Decimal separator is normally U+30FB, but U+FF0E is
used too.

Moreover, numbers may be expressed with the traditional non-positional
numbering system.

4) "Regular" Chinese numbers, composed with the numbers one .. nine,
that we have already seen in (2), plus U+5341 (ten), U+767E (hundred), and
so on. Numbers are generated combining these units with the syntax of
Chinese language.

5) "Anti-fraud" Chinese numbers, used for monetary amounts on cheques,
contracts, invoices, etc. The syntax and pronunciation for these numbers is
very similar to (4), but the ideographs used to express the units are much
more complex. The reason for having these special ideographs is obvious if
you look at the shapes of "regular" ideographs one, two three, ten: a 1000
RMB cheque could became 2000, 3000, or even 10000 RMB with just one or two
pen strokes!

I would say that a typical Chinese software only needs to generate and parse
format (1). The ability to parse formats (2) and (3) could be a nice plus,
but is not normally required.

Be aware, however, that generating format (5) could be required for
commercial or banking applications.

_ Marco

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