Re: DIN 5007, Swiss Sorting

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 06:28:29 EST

Am 2000-03-13 um 23:48 h PST hat Martin J. Duerst geschrieben:
> some of the books and booklets used [in the Swiss military] had
> indices with separate headings for 'St' and 'Sch' (and probably also
> for 'Ch' and 'Sp',


> i.e. these letter combinations were treated similar to the Spanish 'ch'.

No, it was not that simple.

As I have explained recently, DIN 5007 of 1962-11 allowed that initial
"Sch" and "St" optionally be treated in this special way -- but *only*
in initial (not in intermediate or final) position.

Meanwhile, this has been superceded by DIN 5007 of 1991-04 (and DIN 5007-2),
which does not have this proviso.

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  Otto Stolz

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