Re: Technique to use UNICODE to get Oriya fonts.

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 10:54:35 EDT

Prof. K.C.Mahapatra wrote:
> We are working on a project (in C - language) to use the conventional key
> boards to write in 'Oriya' fonts. Please give us the technique to use
> UNICODE for this purpose.

I do not see the connection between C and Oriya. Anyway.

Since Unicode is closely related to the ISCII standard, the most easy way
to go is to use the Inscript layout, and then slightly modify it to
suit Unicode idiosyncraties (like the danda borrowed from Devanagari).
It is quite easy to create a keyboard layout for Windows NT/2000 (and
I believe the people at Microsoft already have it); for other operating
systems, the real problem is a larger one: how to input Unicode...
The answer varies largely with the O.S. ; once you get that answer,
you are almost done: Inscript is just a mapping like any other, since
the order of typing is the same as Unicode.

Now, if you want to use some kind of visual keyboard, or a keyboard
layout which does not distinguish between vowel signs and initial/
isolated letters, that is going interesting.

Have you any information about what "the conventional keyboard" is?


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