Re: Linguistic precedence

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 11:55:09 EDT wrote:
> > So in other words, are we on "16 june 2000" in Finland?
> It's worse than that, the month name must be inflected...but luckily the
> inflection is really simple, just a prefix: "16. kesäkuuta 2000",

Oh shame on me: I forgot that day number are really ordinal numbers.

> or in numbers,
> "16.6.2000". Note the ".", none of that st/nd/rd/th mess.

Add "er" to this list : in (correctly written) French, the day in the
month is in cardinal form (i.e. today is « le vendredi 16 juin 2000 »),
except for the first day in the month, where the number keeps its
ordinal form, so we write « le lundi 1<SUPER>er</SUPER> mai 2000 ».
And yes Virginia, the "er" letters are supposed to be written in
exponent form: « le lundi 1er mai 2000 » is much better than the
definitively wrong form we see overall, but it is not the right way.
Food for thought.

Needless to say, I do not remember seeing any general-purpose or
in other words i18ned software that have it right...¹ This is left
as an exercise for some of the readers... ;-)

¹: before I stand corrected, I must confess I did not check ICU!

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