U+0001 and U+0002 control pictures

From: Yao Zhang (yaoz@vidar.niaaa.nih.gov)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 00:21:47 EDT

I found a small error in "The Unicode Standard 3.0".

On page 336 and 337, C0 controls, U+0001 control picture
is "STX" and U+0002 control picture is "SOT". But on page
528 and 529, Control Pictures, symbol for U+0001 is "SOH"
and symbol for U+0002 is "STX".

I then checked 'man ascii' on my unix machine. 0x01 should
be "SOH" and 0x02 should be "STX". So it is obvious that
pages 336 and 337 are wrong.

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