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Got this request by phone and email at the unicode home office. Could
anyone respond directly to the list and cc to

Thanks. Magda.

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I'm currently researching the effort involved with localizing a medical
product to Japanese. This product is display-only, no data input is
involved. Some people are suggesting I translate the user interface
interface using the Shift-JIS character set, others support UNICODE. I'd
like to know how the characters from the two sets map to each other. For
example, would character #F123 in the Shift-JIS set be the same as
character #F123 in the UNICODE set. If not, are the characters stored in
the same order in both sets, but at different offsets within each set.
For example, the Shift-JIS set starts at offset 0x000 and their
equivalent characters start at offset 0xFF00 in the UNICODE set. If that
is true, then character #0002 in the Shift-JIS set would be the same as
character #FF02 in the UNICODE set.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Buis
Agilent Technologies

I'm not sure, but guys, isn't SJIS more popular? But then again, if
"popularity" were always an issue, we'd still be writing numbers in Roman
numerals, right? Personally, I'd use SJIS. Which leads me to this question:
what is a good browser to use to read Japanese? Netscape seems to have trouble
with reading ALT tags in Japanese. I tried to counteract this problem on my
website by buffering some of the ALT tags with spaces, but no dice. (The
problem was it would only show the first half of whatever was in the ALT tag.
So I figured, put in dummy spaces...) Any of you have problems reading
Japanese ALT tags?

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