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From: Abdul Malik (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 14:31:37 EDT


It is difficult to answer your questions as we don't really
know what you are trying to do.

Is this question with regard to displaying web pages,
or use in word processing, or something else.
Is it for a Mac, or windows or some other
...or all of the above?

Do you want both forms of conjunct on the same page?

As has already been said, there is no current solution
exclusively within Unicode so you will have to either
specify an area of interest or wait.

I have one thought however. If you are only concerned
with the zophola ligatures described in you previous post,
you can code them as follows:

Ka Virama Ya -> Ko zophola
Ka Virama YYa -> KoZophola ligature

or to put it in Bengali

ko hosonto ontohstho'o -> ko Jophola
ko hosonto ontohsthojo -> koJophola ligature

As it is argued whether it is ontohstho'o or ontosthojo that
goes on to form zophola (most saying both) no one could
say that this is wrong. (both spellings being correct)
You would have to remember that this would be for your own
use only.
Having said that, I am now thinking of coding my own fonts
in the above mentioned way. I currently only implement
the old style ligatures and I can here complaints already.

Good Luck anyway


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> Thanks
> Everybod, now I am in possession of the replies and I find that you have
> found it just right. The gif Abdul has put up is the exact thing I am
> referring to.
> >
> Now, if I cannot implement the available normal options and Abdul has
> offered a number of options. What in your opinion would be the best
> possible method to implement this type of variants in present scenario.
> To be honest, I am basically a font/ web designer and just on the learning
> of unicode enabliing of Indic fonts.
> Thanks again,
> Arijit

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