Re: French encoding [Was: Chapter on character sets]

From: John Wilcock (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 03:17:36 EDT

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:32:39 -0800 (GMT-0800), Alain LaBonté  wrote:
> EBCDIC can't support more than 191 graphic characters and therefore can't
> be extended to support MS-1252 character in which most French and Finnish
> PC data is encoded. This data needs to be interchanged with other platforms
> actually. Even if the œ|œ (oe|OE) is not available on many keyboards it has
> been generated automatically for a while in data by WinWord (with the
> Canadian keyboard I type it dicrectly myself).

It really is a sad state of affairs that on a list like this we have
to put up with cp1252 text labelled as iso-8859-1, particularly when
we're discussing the very characters that are not in both.

The tools to send such messages in Latin-9 or UTF-8 exist - let's use


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