Re: Bengali: variants of same conjunct

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 04:07:00 EDT wrote:
> On 06/18/2000 03:12:13 AM <> wrote:
> > Unless Michael Everson's idea of variant selector characters is taken
> > up, there is probably no way to specify this sort of thing in Unicode
> > without the use of additional mark-up.
> The use of variant selectors is appropriate only in very special cases
> which do not include alternate Bengali conjuncts.

I understand variant selectors are only a proposal.

However, I remember to see them used to select accross the widely known
Devanagari designs (a, jha, retroflex na, tha, a). Also same use allows
for the variants of the mandatory conjuncts (ksha and ja).

Why can't they used then to select Bengali rendering forms? or the numerous
allowed variations, like Devanagari kra, ri U+0936 U+0944, retroflexe tta
U+091F U+094D U+091F (can use zwnj though)...

Where is the limit drawn?


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