Re: Bengali: variants of same conjunct

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 04:20:07 EDT

Michael Kaplan wrote:
> Thus far it is something that has been implemented in the fonts, rather than
> anywhere else.... for example there are several ligatures in Tamil that will
> display one way with the Latha font and the other way with Monotype Tamil
> Arial (the way set out in Unicode 3.0 is done in the latter).
> Thus since people who write the language sent both,

Do you mean that Tamil writers *purposely* use both the "ancient" and the
"modern" forms in the same document?
What is the intent?

I can see a similar (but far less acute) problem with Latin lowercase a,
which can have two forms (and similarly for the g or the ae ligature).
For a, one can at the extreme limit use U+0251 for the alternate, but
outside IPA I do not see any use for this distinction.
For g or , I do not see any way to specify that one wants the rounded
(script, italic) form for the left part, or the printed-like or upright
OTOH, I do not see anyone having a problem with that. In fact, I myself
don't mix them (except for IPA), even if depending of context I may use
one or another form when writing.
And I believe this is entirely a rendering problem that is (far) outside
Unicode's scope.


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