Re: Bengali: variants of same conjunct

From: Arijit Upadhyay (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 11:28:56 EDT

From the readings of the thread since yesterday I find that this an issue as
yet unresolved. BUt perhaps Abdul's and John Hudson's advise that I could
try upon.

> recommend using a Stylistic Alternate feature <salt> in an OpenType font,

>Ka Virama Ya -> Ko zophola
>Ka Virama YYa -> KoZophola ligature - (Abdul)

As for Abdul's query on whether the fonts are for win/mac/internet/word
processing. I would say they are primaryly for win / internet /
word-processing, but plans for macintosh as well. I have tried to make my
fonts pc/mac compatible. (see ).

Now a side issue, I feel we go in for a newsgroup where the postings could
be better organised, and easily accessible.


> recommend using a Stylistic Alternate feature <salt> in an OpenType font,
> in which one of these forms would be the default glyph and the other would
> be a variant. This gives you a clean solution in which you do not need to
> mess about with character order trying to force one form or the other
> (which, as Chris Fynn points out, is something that should be standardised
> if it happens at all). This solution could be applied on the Web using
> Microsoft's WEFT font embedding tool.
> Now, as Peter Constable pointed out, OpenType feature support is somewhat
> limited at the moment, so while you can build an OT font with <salt>
> features you will have trouble finding an application that enables them.
> That said, however, I think this is certainly your best long term
> John Hudson
> Tiro Typeworks
> Vancouver, BC

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