RE: Java, SQL, Unicode and Databases

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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 11:41:39 EDT

Microsoft is very COM-based for its actual data access methods.... and COM
uses BSTRs that are BOM-less UTF-16. Because of that, the actual storage
format of any database ends up irrelevant since it will be converted to
UTF-16 anyway.

Given that this is what the data layers do, performance is certainly better
if there does not have to be an extra call to the Windows
MutliByteToWideChar to convert UTF-8 to UTF-16. So from a Windows
perspective, not only is it no trouble, but it also the best possible

In any case, I know plenty of web people who *do* encode their strings in
SQL Server databases as UTF-8 for web applications, since UTF-8 is their
preference. They are willing to take the hit of "converting themselves"
because when data is being read it is faster to go through no conversions at


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> I think that this is also true for DB2 using UTF-8 as the database
> encoding.
> From an application perspective, MS SQL Server is the one that gives us
> the most
> trouble, because it doesn't support UTF-8 as a database encoding for char,
> etc.
> Joe
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> Jianping responded:
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> > Tex,
> >
> > Oracle doesn't have special requirement for datatype in JDBC driver if
> you use
> UTF8 as database
> > character set. In this case, all the text datatype in JDBC will support
> Unicode data.
> >
> The same thing is, of course, true for Sybase databases using UTF-8
> at the database character set, accessing them through a JDBC driver.
> But I think Tex's question is aimed at the much murkier area
> of what the various database vendors' strategies are for dealing
> with UTF-16 Unicode as a datatype. In that area, the answers for
> what a cross-platform application vendor needs to do and for how
> JDBC drivers might abstract differences in database implementations
> are still unclear.
> --Ken

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