Re: Change the input language in java

From: John O'Conner (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 13:44:01 EDT

Although I haven't tried this, I provide it as a suggestion that I believe
should work:
Since about version 1.1.7, Java attempts to track keyboard layout changes. So,
if you have the keyboard configuration installed, you should be able to switch
keyboard layouts by pressing <ALT>+<SHIFT> on an NT system. Alternatively, you
can switch using the mouse to click on your selection in the toolbar. If you
have appropriate fonts available for the characters you want to type, they
should display correctly in the text component. You should be able to do this
while your application is running.

In the last Unicode conference in Amsterdam, there was a session that mentioned
future enhancements that would make keyboard layouts easier to manage and use
in Java. It might be worth your time to look those least for a glimpse
into the future of Java.

-- John O'Conner

Nicolas Toussaint wrote:

> I wich changed the local language (from my keyBoard) under my java
> application.
> I know now how to dislpay all the characteres of Unicode in my JTextField,
> but now I want to be able to ENTER some characteres in my JEditoPane (like
> greek, russian). I can do this by changing the local keybord under WINNT,
> but it will be more powerfull if my application can do this itself.
> is there any method or any file to change like in order to
> do this

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