RE: japanese unicode problem....

Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 15:31:58 EDT

Omar Ponce C wrote:
> im doing some servlets displaying japanese writing. im using
> unicode to
> display it according to the chart from the unicode site. And i can
> display some characters but not at all... WHY??????????????????????
> whats wrong????? the browser im using???? something about java????
> something related with fonts??????

That's it!!!!!! Probably!!!!!!

> because the number is right
> according the chart but the browser puts an ?. and theres
> also a lot of characters displayed correctly.

Only a few fonts have all the ideographs defined in Unicode 2.1, and none (I
think) has all the new ideographs in 3.0.

Fonts are not normally designed to support "all Unicode", but just one or
more languages.

So, if you use a Japanese fonts, you won't see Chinese-specific characters,
specially the "simplified" characters used in the People's Republic.
Similarly, a font for China normally does not contain ideographs invented in

But if you read a Japanese text with a Japanese font, or a Chinese text with
a Chinese font, etc. everything will be fine. This problem is noticed only
when you look a page like the Unicode charts, that contains lots of
unrelated characters out of context, and becomes a *real* problem only in
multilingual applications (e.g. a text containing *both* Chinese and
Japanese sections).

_ Marco

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