RE: What I meant by furigana codes

From: Alistair Vining (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 09:56:04 EDT

> Furigana codes would simply mark certain text as furigana, meaning to
> the text-display device, "These characters are not to be displayed on
> the main line of text, but rather above it and in smaller type". There
> ought to be <furi kana="...."> and </furi> codes, or the equivalent,
> in HTML; at least that is my opinion. The tag <furi kana="...."> would
> indicate the start of the characters that the furigana is to be placed
> over. The input kana="...." would tell the browser what the kana are.
> The </furi> tag would indicate the end of the characters to be given
> furigana.

Do you mean this: ?

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