Re: CP1097 and CP1098

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 13:42:35 EDT

Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> Can someone give me some or any information about CP1097 and CP1098 which
> are for IBM Persian? I could not find their mapping table at the Unicode
> ftp site. Shouldn't them be there?

well, it is much more difficult to get to that data than it should be, but here it is (i am copying the instructions from a collegue):

First go the Devcon home page:
You must register as a guest (there is no charge for guest registration).
Then go to the Catalog by selecting Download
In the Catalog go to Sample Code
And within Sample Code there is a heading called NLS.
Under NLS you will see the conversion table packages available for download.

i have actually done this just now for my first time... the total download of all pieces is about 36MB! it contains more codepage-to-codepage mappings than codepage-to-unicode. you should look in the first, small download piece,, for the table of contents. there you will find the two lines

  1097 13488 044934B0 PACKAGE1 Tables for FARSI EBCDIC and UCS-2
  1098 13488 044A34B0 PACKAGE1 Tables for FARSI - PC and UCS-2

the toronto people assigned the codepage number 13488 to unicode.
anyway, you will then need the, which, unfortunately, is 28MB long. it contains the files and which in turn contain some binary and some text-based table files. i think for icu we are using the .upmap files.

actually, some "hints" are in hints.txt in the, like:


There are two 'code page' values that you will want to know if you are searching for
conversion tables for UCS-2.

13488 for UCS-2 level 1 (Unicode 2.0)

17584 for UCS-2 level 1 with the euro symbol (will match Unicode 3.0 once complete)"

i would rather not want to comment on this...

the one comment that i do want to make is that we at ibm are working on getting all of this and more information online in a more easily accessible way, in xml files. in addition to the ibm way of looking at codepages, we are also collecting (and have asked you for help! - see previous emails from mark) mapping tables from other platforms. the results from windows are, as announced before, at


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