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Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 17:28:44 EDT

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> Marco Cimarosti ( wrote:
> >Patrick Andries' lexicon made me wonder how some of these terms would
> >possibly be like in Italian!?
> >kerning: kerning (?)
> I think I've seen this translated as "crenatura".

I think so too, seems like the origin is the same as the French equivalent
asp, .

For big-endian, I actually looked it up in Gulliver's Travels. If some one
is seriously interested I can provide the chapter and "verse" for ease of
reference in different translated versions. It's the story about the war
waged by people eating eggs by the big end against those that prefer to
start eating them by the narrower end... [Some see a parallel between
Catholic and Protestant disputes in Swift's Ireland, if memory serves me

P. Andries
(Antoine : "ma forse" = "mais peut-être").
(Mark : I will add character set info on the HTLM pages, thanks for the

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