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[the pedantry of which Séamas spoke approaches] wrote:
>> - Can these mutations only occur after a determinative, or can they also be
>> at the beginning of a sentence?
> I don't believe they can occur at the beginning of a sentence. The most
> common construct occurs after "na" (meaning "of"); "Ambasáid na hÉireann"
> (Embassy of Ireland) is an example commonly encountered outside Ireland.
> However, they can occur after other words.

"na" is a form of "an" (meaning "the") used with plural nouns or feminine
singular nouns in the genitive case.

I can't think of any context where there isn't a preceding word (not
necessarily "an") which "requires" the (lowercase) letter for some grammatical

Is this just curiosity or are you writing some case-shifting algorithm? If
the latter, many of these questions could be bypassed for some of the
combinations of letters as they are unique in initial position (e.g. mb/mB,
gc/gC, etc.). Others are more complex (e.g. an t-éan / an tÉan "the bird").

> - Is this automatically implemented in the case folding function of
> localized word processors?

Localized word processors???? Where?

 S e á n Ó S é a g h d h a

Is trom cearc i bhfad. Seanfhocal.

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