Re: Names of planes, and request for sneak preview

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 14:08:27 EDT

Doug Ewell asked:

> Michael Everson's "Roadmap" pages refer to Planes 0, 1, 2, and 14 as
> the BMP, SMP, SIP, and GPP respectively.
> Everybody and his cat should know that BMP stands for Basic Multilingual
> Plane, and the Roadmap pages also show that SMP is short for Secondary
> Multilingual Plane. What are SIP and GPP?

SMP: Secondary Multilingual Plane for scripts and symbols (= Plane 1)
SIP: Supplementary Plane for CJK Ideographs (= Plane 2)
SPP: Special Purpose Plane (= Plane 14)

GPP stood for "General Purpose Plane", which was the earlier acronym for the
SPP, subsequently changed.

> Also, the Plane 1 Roadmap says that the Etruscan, Gothic, and Deseret
> scripts are virtually guaranteed to be encoded at U+10300, U+10330, and
> U+10400 respectively (they lack only the final approval from WG2, which
> is widely expected). If I *PROMISE* to use them only for testing and
> not for "live" data or interchange, can I assume these scripts are laid
> out as shown in the proposals on Everson's site?

You can do what you like with them, but don't assume they will not change.
Etruscan is likely to be renamed to Old Italic (including Etruscan), and will
most likely have at least one character removed and one character added.
Gothic is having one character removed (I don't know whether Everson's
document reflects that or not, but the FCD draft of 10646-2 should.)
Deseret is probably safe! No one has asked for any emendations to that script.

> In general, can someone
> with inside information on Plane 1 assignments provide a sneak preview,
> complete with the usual caveats that responsible implementors must follow
> (no guarantees, use at own risk, etc.)?

In addition to those three scripts, expect also to see Byzantine musical
symbols, basically unchanged from the earlier draft of 10646-2.
Western musical symbols will be encoded, but are likely to get churned
a bit from earlier drafts, due to lots of expert feedback on the drafts.
And then there are the mathematical alphanumerics, located at

People who want details should refer to the SC2 website, where the FCD
for 10646-2 is available for public review. (It is a gigantic document,
however, because of the 40,000+ Chinese characters embedded in it.)
For those who can wait just a little longer, however, it is advisable to
wait until after the Athens WG2 meeting at the end of September, where
the final decisions will be made about assignments of characters for 10646-2.


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