Re: Han character names?

From: Jon Babcock (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 10:28:44 EDT

John H. Jenkins wrote:

> That was my point. (And in any event, since the names
> have to be unique, it would be hard to use pronunciation for code
> point names and give every ideograph a unique name.)

I totally agree with this. I think the Unicode way of naming the Han
characters is the only practical approach.

When you said a lot of [Han "ideographs"] have no pronunciation, I
thought you meant that there was no documented pronunciation at all
for the character. I didn't realize you meant that some graphs have
no documented pronunciation in *all three languages* which no doubt is
true. (A dozen or so indigenous Japanese kanji creations immediately
come to mind).
I was interested in seeing an example of a Han graph that has no
documented pronunciation because I was under the impression that such
a graph doesn't/cannot exist.


Jon Babcock <>

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