RE: Euro symbol in HTML (was: Euro character in ISO)

From: Alan Wood (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:40:34 EDT

> Otto Stolz wrote:
> Hence, the only safe way to encode the Euro symbol seems to be:
> - Use the € entity
> This will cause Netscape 4.7 to display "EUR" if the Euro glyph
> is not available (at least the version on my Unix box does so).

> The following two ways are safe, if the Euro glyph is available in
> the fonts specified by the user:
> - use UTF-8 together with the decimal NCR "€";
> - use UTF-8 together with the UTF-8 encoding 'E2 82 AC' (in hex).

> In all cases, do not forget to declare your HTML source as either
> HTML 4.0 or HTML 4.01,

I can confirm that € and € also work with Netscape 4.73 under
Windows 95.

However, the euro symbol seems to be the exception. In my index of HTML 4
named character entities at:

Netscape 4.73 does not recognise any of the other named character entities
that correspond to decimal numbers greater than 255. (With View>Character
Set set to Unicode (UTF-8)), and using Arial Unicode MS.)

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