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From: Mike Newhall (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 11:53:39 EDT

>And what about using "on-topic" prefixes? E.g. (CJK), (Indic), (Fonts),
>(BIDI), etc. This could be a big help for both manual and automatic
>filtering. The actual "dictionary" of prefixes does not need to be formally
>defined a priori: its maintenance could be and partially or totally
>spontaneous (e.g.: one uses a new prefix and, if it is informative, others
>will use it for next messages on the same topic).
>_ Marco

        This is, I think, a good idea. If we informally agreed to a syntax, like
"use square brackets for the topic", then people could filter for things
like "[CJK]". Actually, I suppose there's no reason to restrict to one
subject, a single message about CJK fonts might use "[CJK][fonts]", so
really this could be almost a keyword list. Also I think it has been a
good practice in the past to change the subject when there is enough drift,
BUT keep the previous topic for at least the first changed subject line, to
make the transition clear to those only scanning subjects. So perhaps an
example subject line with all of the above would be:

Subject: [CJK][fonts] Where can I find a good Korean font? (was: Re:
[Arabic][fonts] Where can I find Arabic fonts?)


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