Re: Subset of Unicode to represent Japanese Kanji?

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 11:43:45 EDT

I am NOT a Japanese speaker (I can only poorly read kana, and with help).
So here is my supplementary question. wrote:
> Japanese document must consist of:
> hiragana: less than 100 characters
> katakana: less than 100 characters
> kanji: basic kanji has 6,879 characters as defined in JIS X 0208-1990
> extended kanji has 6,067 characters as defined in JIS X 0212-1990

You mean, extended kanji is an absolute requirement for any device which
intended to dislay some Japanese text?

> Technically, a Japanese document can be written in all Roman characters, but
> this is not a true Japanese document.

I understand easily that this is _not_ the solution (it always needs me quite
some times when I see my name written in kana or Cyrillic or whatever).

But: What about a document written only with kanas, without any kanji?

I know this is far from perfect, that it will hurt (or upset?) the reader
quite a lot, and will reduce his reading speed to about a small fraction of
normal, perhaps a tenth (but that's much better than romaji, anyway).
But is it practical, for example for a small display? (say, 3 lines of
20 characters)


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