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From: Pete Resnick (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 12:44:48 EDT

On 7/13/00 at 5:51 AM -0800, Jaap Pranger wrote:

>What about the present Win Eudora? Can it send any CP125x text as UTF-8?

No. It does not yet do that.

>I'm not after any secrets but could you briefly explain what kind of
>things one needs to get that writing act together? (MLTE?)

Mac Eudora does not use MLTE, but if you were starting a new project,
that would definitely be the way to go. We use our own home grown
editor and the Apple Text Encoding Converter to deal with different

>If the latest Eudora works with TEC what is the function of the
>still built-in Eudora Tables? Do they take over in TEC-less Systems?
>Can I still get external Tables to work with 4.3 under OS 9.x?

Support for the tables is dicey in 4.3 (some of them interfere with
the new TEC stuff and I have to fix that), but in the long term I'm
hoping that tables will only be in there for emergency situations
when a message is just mislabeled or it's in a goofy encoding. We
will keep support in there.

>I suppose that whatever UTF-8 text Mac Eudora receives, it can only
>display the repertoire of a single Mac script/encoding.

Nope. Our editor can handle multi-script text without a problem.

>What is it that makes the difference for a) a browser that can
>display chars from several Mac scripts at the same time, and b) an
>application like Eudora that can not.

As I said, we can deal with multi-script text. The reason that it's
taken us longer is that unlike a browser, we have to edit and send
that text as well. (We also don't have a huge engineering staff.)
It's coming along now, though.


Pete Resnick <>
Eudora Engineering - QUALCOMM Incorporated

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