Re: Pronunciation of "Unicode"

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 16:48:28 EDT

At 12:01 PM -0800 7/14/00, John Cowan wrote:
>"John H. Jenkins" wrote:
>> [W]e can't agree on a pronunciation of "Unicode."
>What are the usual alternatives? I used to say ['ju ni kowd], but my wife
>complained that this made me sound like a hick, and I changed to
>['ju n@ kowd].
>Considering that the Unix text editor "vi" can be pronounced ['vi'ai], or
>[vai] or even [sIks] ....

There are distinct ['ju ni kowd] and ['ju n@ kowd] camps, as well as
a small [ju 'ni kowd] contingent (if I understand your transcription

> > And wouldn't be just *wonderful* to have a phonetic alphabet
>> especially designed for English? Then we wouldn't have these
>> problems. :-)
>There are a variety of schemes for transcribing the IPA in ASCII.
>See X-SAMPA (, which is
>used mostly by professionals, and "Kirschenbaum ASCII-IPA"
>(, mostly used on
>Usenet. The above transcriptions use Kirschenbaum.

Er, hint, John -- look in 10646-2. Or for that matter, the ConScript
registry. My hidden meaning might then become clear.

John H. Jenkins

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