RE: Subject lines in UTF-8 mssgs? [was: Proposal to make ...]

From: Chris Wendt (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 18:26:02 EDT

I shouldn't have used "header". What I meant is not the message header in
the RFC 822 sense but the information out of the header that gets copied
into the message BODY on a reply.

Example right below.....

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Chris Wendt wrote:

> This is relevant when you are running with a non-English OS locale. It
> prevent entering non-usascii characters for day and month names in the
> header so as to not force you to send in UTF-8 in case you write in a
> different script than the OS locale is.

How's that? The Date: header on outgoing email is localized to the sender's
That seems to be a clear-cut violation of RFC-822, and damaging to
(because I must know every possible localized month name to interpret the

It would make *much* more sense to localize the Date: headers on incoming

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