"Nicholas" in Japanese?

From: Doug Ewell (dewell@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 22:53:42 EDT

I used to think this sort of posting was off-topic, but I see it so
often that I assume it's OK.

I have a friend whose 6-year-old son, Nicholas, has some Japanese
ancestry and there was recently a discussion about how his name would
be written in Japanese. I don't know Japanese (as you will soon see),
but I'd like to think I can handle this sort of thing. Please, all you
Japanese experts and semi-experts, let me know if the following is
correct and if not, where I am going wrong:

1. It should be written in Katakana, since it is an English "loan
2. The correct rendering in the Japanese language is "Nikorasu."
3. The correct Unicode spelling would therefore be U+30CB U+30B3 U+30E9

Please respond privately, not to the list, unless you think your reply
might be of interest to the list in general.


-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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